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Company introduction

    Shenzhen Kohon Opto Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (abbreviated Kohon 3D) is founded in the year 2015, dedicated to 3D printing technology and solutions, and promoting it to the public. 

Kohon 3D is a well know-how in 3D printing and modeling, on the basis of a technique known as Fused Filament Fabrication / FFF (also known under the trademarked term Fused Deposition Modeling / FDM).

    As a designer and manufacturer of 3D printers, Kohon 3D is continuously supplying quality and easy-to-use 3D printers, extending to 3D printer accessories, 3D printing materials and 3D printing education & services all over the world, but not limited to these. 

    The field of 3D printing for consumers and hobbyists is still in its infancy  stage. If you want to know more about what 3D printing is and how it woks, Kohon 3D is a very good place to start.

Thanks for our partners’ support, and more is welcomed. 

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