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Common problem

1. Print Not Sticking to the Hotbed

Reason 1: Nozzle is far away from the bed.

Solution 1: Adjust the distance of between hotbed and nozzle, the optimal distance is 0.1mm (the thickness of a piece of A4 paper).

Reason 2:There is no build plate on the hotbed and the surface is dusty and greasy.

Solution 2:Put our magnetic build surface on the hotbed and keep it clean.

Reason 3: Setting of hotbed temperature.

Different filaments are adapted to different printing temperature. For ABS, recommended hotbed temperature is 75℃. For PLA, recommended hotbed temperature is 50℃-65℃.

2. Printing Temperature Setting Issue

 Printing temperature has a very important effect on print quality.

Usually the recommended printing temperature will be labled on filament package. For example,  the PLA printing temperature is 190℃-230℃, so what printing temperature should we set?

The answer is uncertain, because same material in different color from same manufacturer may have different melting point, also, different batch of same filaments, the melting point could be different.

So how do we set printing temperature?

For example, initially we can set printing temp 200℃ for PLA, and then observe the extrusion. If the extrusion is normal, we don’t have to change the printing temperature. If there is lack of extrusion, then we need to gradually increase the printing temperature, increase 5℃ each time until the extrusion gets normal. If there is carbonation and the extruded filament truns black, the printing temperature needs to be lowered.

 3. Hotbed Levelling Issue

Hotbed levelling is very important for printing quality

Step of hotbed levelling:

1. Move the extruder to the left-most side of X-axis (in case the nozzle knock down the hotbed when we home the z-axis);

2. Adjust the X-axis to make it level. Use ruler to measure the height of both sides of the X-axis, if it is not even please adjust the flexible couplings on Z-axis to make the X-axis in a horizontal position;

3. Home Z axis;

4. The optimal distance between nozzle and hotbed is 0.1mm (the thickness of a piece of A4 paper). To reach it, you need to move the extruder to left and right sides, and move the hotbed back and forth and do some adjustments. Move the nozzle to the four corners and central of the hotbed one by one, if the distance is not proper, adjust the screw on the hotbed or the nut under the hotbed to make A4 paper get through the gap between nozzle and hotbed exactly. Repeat the above operation until the hotbed is leveled.

4. The Settings of Printing slicing parameters

 As for the setting of printing slicing parameters, there are detailed introductions in the instructions. Here are only few parameters that have a great impact on the printing quality.

1. Thickness: the thickness is smaller, the print model is more delicate.

2. Printing Speed: The lower printing speed, the better printing quality. If you print regular model, you can lift the printing speed appropriately. If you print irregular model, the lower speed gets better quality. 

3. Printing Temperature: please refer to the Printing Temperature Setting, the PLA recommended initial printing temperature is 200℃.

Q   Hot bed and nozzle temperatures reach preset values but do not start printing

A    Solutions:

Check whether the switch is on or not.The consumable can be detected by cutting off the material, or whether the switch is broken.

Q   Printer for any mechanical and structural problems.Print too much material with a memory card, replace the card, the same paper...

A   Solution: format the memory card and restore the machine to factory Settings

This can happen when an error is set to print directly in a slice, and the machine records the error data so that all models using the card will be printed with the error parameters.This time clear the printer and memory card data can be resolved.

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