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Construction industry

The planning of a city, an economic and Technological Development zone, a residential building, a tall tower, or a complex of buildings can all be classified into the category of architecture. The three-dimensional digitization of architecture is in the ascendant nowadays.

Imagine 3D rapid prototyping technology, which transforms architectural design from manual moulding to three-dimensional digital direct moulding. The model not only has fast moulding speed, but also is real, beautiful, solid and easy to use.

Creating the Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Scheme of Three-dimensional Architectural Design for Enterprises

1. Rapid physical design

Help the design company to quickly show the building on the drawings through the physical model, which is 5-10 times faster than the traditional model manufacturing. It is convenient for customers to understand the hungry appearance and structure of the building and make targeted modifications.

2. Urban Planning and Design Institute

Precise three-dimensional design work is carried out before urban planning, and the planned buildings are displayed through 3D printers, providing valuable physical information.

3. Personality Design

According to the different needs of different customers and the design idea of frequent replacement, only the rapid prototyping service of 3D printer can meet the requirements of customers'continuous updating.

Solution of 3D Printer in Construction Industry

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